costumes, fashion & accessories

design, production
& styling for
theatre, musical
& opera
film & tv
show & event
photo & advertising
vaudeville & travesty
illusionist &
quick change


Film & TV (Filmography)

Year Production Genre Director
2017 René Marik Live "ZeHage!" TV Volker Weicker
Voice of Hope Pilot, 10-part series Adriàn Duré
Bubis. The last interview Documentation Andreas Morell
2016 "WILD" Solo program Michael Mittermeier TV Utz Weber
2014 "Red wine", Schulz Farben Movie commercial Björn Schömel
  "Eis", Schulz Farben Movie commercial Björn Schömel
2013 Bayer Pharma Image film Axel Vetter
  Radical Evil Documentary, Movie Stefan Ruzowitzky
2012 Playing Sherds Movie Rebekka Waitz

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Theatre, Opera, Musical

Year Production Genre Director
2018 Wizard of Oz Musical Kim Langner / Axel Weidemann
Market Master Clement investigates Theatre, dp* Simon Isser
In the bar to the crocodile – Off to the wild 20s Musical, dp* Ulf Dietrich
Maria, he doesn't like it Musical Christian Voss
Lotte in Weimar (Werther revisited) Theatre Lajos Wenzel
Honey in the Head Theatre Frank Lorenz Engel
2017 Cabaret (till 2018) Musical Ulf Dietrich
Charley's Aunt (till 2018) Theatre Stephan Bruckmeier
Summer in the City Musical, dp* Christian Voss
Death of a Salesman Theatre Harald Demmer
2016 Dance on the Volcano (till 2017) Musical, dp* Manfred Langner
  Little Shop of Horrors Musical Christian Voss
2015 Evita (till 2016) Musical Ulf Dietrich
  The Jungle Book (till 2017) Musical Kim Langner / Axel Weidemann
*dp = debut performance

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Event, Vaudeville, Fair and Photography

Year Production Genre Ordering party
2018 From the playbook to the final costume Seminar LABW
Kendrick Lamar "The DAMN.Tour" Concert Stage Service
2017 Haute Couture Shooting Photography Thomas de Leon
2016 Beyoncé The Formation World Tour Concert Stage Service
Room Service Directories Design accessories New Century Hotel
From the playbook to the final costume Seminar LABW
2015 Lenny Kravitz-Double Tour Promotion Event Patrick Dewayne
  Fashion Show 1900-2000
Action Week
Event M. Schneider GmbH
2014 "Sea of Rock"-Shot Photography Thomas de Leon
  Abramakabra Horror, Magic & Comedy Harry Keaton
  Sponsors and gatherers Event & exhibition Historical Museum Frankfurt
  Costume design Seminar Hessian Academy of Film & Media
  Upstyle / Recycle Workshop Monika Seidl

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